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Published on 30 Sep 2019 / In Music

Greyson Chance - shut up (Live Performance)

It's good to start with a splash. Greyson Chance was turning heads and clocking numbers as an adolescent. The 21-year-old behind the new pop single "shut up" began his career a decade ago as a viral sensation who made waves knocking out Lady Gaga's "Papparazi" in grade school, getting 60 million people to view, and making the rounds on shows such as 'Ellen.' All that came a little too fast, so Chance retreated a bit, left music and lived life. Now he's back in action again as a grown up, and the cool/catchy melody of "shut up" suggests his arc has worked out wonderfully. We had him in to see if that kid charisma was still intact, and the answer was positive. Check the performances of "shut up" and "lakeshore," and share 'em with a friend.

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Bram VanderMark
Logistics Producer: Hailey Rovner
Editor: Kevin Rose
Audio: Jake Bolles
Talent Producers: Parul Chokshi, David McTiernan


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